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Self Storage For Businesses In Melbourne


Need to lease commercial storage space?

Why pay for more expensive commercial space when your company can free up valuable space with no fixed lease at our Self storage facility in Heidelberg Melbourne. You only pay for the time you require.

You may

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Is your business expansion causing a strain on your space requirements?

Perhaps you are running a small business and need to remove clutter from your office or home, a tradesman wanting to store your materials or tools securely, or you're a corporate company looking for warehouse and storage?

Commercial Self Storage is the answer! 
• Want too take advantage of bulk buying but can't store bulk shipments? 
• Do you have excess or seasonal stock?
• Need to move Christmas stock or decorations out of your store/office until the next holiday season?

With our convenient location 10 km from the CBD and 15 minutes from the airport, Dallas Group Self Storage offers the perfect commercial and office storage solution.

Our services include: 
Delivery receiving and dispatch. 
Meeting Room hire 
Board Room hire 
Forklift and pallet jack 
Wireless Hotspot

When it comes to business storage, we aim to make your experience simple and stress free.

Find out more about our free truck and trailer hire. 

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