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Frequently asked questions


How and when do I pay?
On or the day before you move in. You are required to make the first month’s storage fee in advance.

Do you send an invoice?
Yes, Dallas Group self storage will send you an invoice prior to when your account is due. It can be posted or e-mailed.

Can I pay weekly or monthly?
Dallas Group self storage accepts monthly payments for storage units, you can pre pay a number of months in advance.

What are the methods of payment?
Dallas Group self storage accepts all common methods of payment including cash, cheque, Visa card, Master card,  online bank deposit / direct deposit and EFTPOS

What happens if I do not pay?
If you do not pay your storage fees Dallas Group self storage will over-lock your space and deny you access until you are up to date on your payments. If you continue to not make payment, we can, under the standard self storage agreement, reserve the right to auction your goods to recover the monies owing.

Security and Insurance

Do you sell insurance?
Yes, Dallas Group self storage sell insurance. Please contact a member of our helpful management team to discuss your options.

Do I need insurance?
If your goods are valuable enough to store then they are valuable enough to insure. Don’t just assume that your home contents insurance covers stored goods.

Are my goods insured when stored?

Do you have security?
Yes, Dallas Group self storage has:

  • CCTV – All main entry points within the building are equipped with a Closed Circuit Surveillance System.
  • Back to base alarm – Installed to all access points of the building.
  • Secure fencing and private car park.


Are there any other initial costs involved?
When you first move into storage there is a small refundable cleaning fee of $50.00 paid in advance. However, should you wish to follow our procedures, the refundable cleaning fee will be returned to you.

You will also need to purchase a padlock for your space. Dallas Group self storage will sell you the right padlock or you can provide your own. You may also wish to purchase reasonably priced insurance which is available for your consideration.

What is included in the price?
The price quoted to you is inclusive of GST and monthly.

Does it cost anything to access my storage unit?
No. It does not cost you anything to access your storage, provided you visit within the opening hours.

How much will storage cost?
The cost of storage is dependant on the size of the unit. Fees (GST inclusive) are monthly in advance and provided you give 7 days notice of vacating you are only charged to the day you vacate.

Moving In

Can I move in today?
Yes. If we have space available you can move in straight away. Access is given once the agreement is signed, monthly fees and other costs are met.

Do you organise removalists?
No, however should you require assistance with transport feel free to ask and we will help you arrive at a solution.

How do I move in?
Most customers use a removalist, a truck or a car to move their possessions into storage. Once you are at the storage facility you are provided with complimentary trolleys and helpful advice to help make storing easier.

Do I need to sign an agreement when I move?
Yes, you must sign the Standard Self Storage Agreement prior to moving into a Dallas Group self storage unit.

This agreement is the one which is recommended by the Self Storage Association of Australasia. The storage agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which you store your goods.

Storage Period

How long can I stay?
There is no limit on how long you can stay. Your agreement will extend automatically each month for a period of one month until you give Dallas Group self storage 7 days notice of your intention to vacate.

What is the minimum period I need to stay?
One month.

What do I do when I no longer require space?
Then we would ask that you provide us with at least 7 days notice. You may of course move out sooner or with no notice, however we do not refund any part months of un-used storage unless prior arrangement is made.

About Dallas Group Self Storage

What are your hours of operation?
Monday to Friday – 8:00 – 17:30
Saturday – 09:00 – 15:00

Do you accept deliveries?
Provided an agreement is signed in advance and the removalist is deemed to be in control/possession of your goods.

Are you members of industry organisations?
Yes, Dallas Group self storage are members of Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA)

Are all storage units the same size?
All units have a ceiling height of 2.9m. They range from 1m3 to 35m3.


What sizes are available?
See space estimator page for further details

General Information

What can I store in my storage unit?
You can store almost anything in your space as long as you can fit it into the space and it does not leak or give off noxious fumes. You cannot store perishables such as fresh food, vegetables and packaged food products, canned and bottled products are OK. You cannot store liquids that are flammable and could combust when heat is applied. You cannot store items that are illegal.

Who keeps the key?
You do. The locking system on your door is secured by a padlock. This padlock is yours and you keep the key.

How often can I visit my storage unit?
As often as you like. Provided you visit during opening hours.

Do you sell packaging boxes and merchandise?
Yes, Dallas Group self storage can assist with locks, boxes, tape, plastic and a variety of other products as displayed in our packaging page

What is your privacy policy?
The Dallas Group self storage privacy policy can be accessed by downloading the privacy policy document.  Dallas Group Self Storage adopts the policy of the Self Storage Association Australasia (SSAA) .

Do I have to book a storage unit?
Strictly speaking you do not have to book a space, however to ensure the exact space you need is available when you need it, we recommend you reserve your space today by making a $20.00 booking fee. We will then hold the space for a period of one week and when you move in we will apply this payment to your account.

Where can I find out more about Self Storage?
Visit the Self Storage Association of Australasia.

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