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Moving and storage

Removal Moving & Storage In Melbourne


Looking for help in moving and storage ?

Not sure how to get it here?

Its easy. Dallas Group is at your service. Our Melbourne based family owned and operated company is available to assist with your move in or out of your storage unit. We will take the time to fully understand your moving needs in advance to avoid those stressful last minute situations.

Interested in a free truck and driver when you move in?

Save money on paying for removals or hiring a rental truck. All you have to do is rent for at least 2 months of storage, and we'll provide you with a free truck and driver!

Or don't want to lift a finger? Go for full-service.We can recommend a removalist. Door-to-door service plus packing and unpacking if you choose.

Packing your Moving Truck Tips

 For your safety, and the safety of your valuables, these tips can help:
• Load your heaviest items first, and keep them toward the front of the truck (the cab). This makes the truck more stable. 
• Load chairs, tables, bookcases and other light, awkward items toward the rear of the truck (the door).
• Use protective covers and furniture pads on sofas, chairs, tables, and mattresses. 
• Load your truck one quarter at a time, packing it securely from floor to ceiling. Secure each quarter by tying it in place with the truck's tie-down rings 

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