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Packaging supplies


Dallas Group Self Storage offers a wide range of packing supplies to assist you to get the most out of your storage space.  Please contact us on 9458 8088 and talk to one of our helpful consultants to discuss which of our packing products would best suit your needs.

packing boxes

Port A Robe       -             $15.00Incl. GST

Dimensions: L595mm X W479mm X D1106mm

Comes with a steel rail to hang your clothes.

Great for all your special occasion wear, suits, jackets and coats.

Picture                 -             $5.00Incl.GST

Dimensions: L1040mm x W75mm x D775mm

These boxes provide great protection for prints, photos, canvasses,

paintings, and mirrors.

Tea Chest          -             $4.50Incl.GST     ( Pack of 10 - $40.00 )

Dimensions: L423mm x W330mm x D615mm

Ideal for packing larger bulky household items.

Great for kitchen appliances, pots and pans, linen & Children's toys.

Trunk                   -             $2.00Incl.GST

Dimensions: L500mm x W215mm x D175mm

Great for smaller items such as cd’s, dvd’s, collectables and

even kitchen utensils.

Precious         -             $3.00Incl.GST

Dimensions: L470mm x W260mm x D380mm

The boxes are perfect for home office storage solutions. Great for files,
photo frames, albums and collective ornaments.

Archive Box       -             $4.00Incl.GST

     Dimensions:  L390mm x W306mm x D260mm

     No tape required. One piece assembly.

     Double thick base with built in handles and a hinged lid.

mattress covers
Queen Mattress Standard Cover           -             $5.00 Incl.GST 


  Dimensions:  2500 x 1600 x 300            

  Protect your valuable bed mattress from moisture and marking.

  With a specially designed bag.

Single Mattress Standard Cover            -             $4.00 Incl.GST


  Dimensions:  2250 x 1200 x 250

  Protect your valuable bed matress from moisture and marking during

  moving and storage with a specially designed bag.

3 Seater Lounge Cover                         -                 $4.50 Incl. GST

  Dimensions: 1820 x 3050

  1x3 Seater Lounge Cover
  Your lounge furniture deserves additional protection from marking and

  dirt during moving and storage.

                                           This tailored plastic bag cover can provide this.      

packing supplies

Packing Tape    -             $3.00Incl.GST    

           Packing Tape

           Packing Tape- strong and durable packing tape to withstand long

           travel or storage.

Marine Grade 40mm Brass Padlock       -             $10.00Incl.GST

            Marine grade 40mm brass padlock

            All locks come with 3 keys so you can keep spares at home and in your

            car for whenever you need access.

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