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Secure storage

Secure Storage In Melbourne


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The safe storage of your private property and/or business items, together with your own security while accessing our facility is the most important aspect of our business!

Our safety measures for secure storage include: 
• access control - all new customers are required to provide proof of identity and address
• alarm systems 
• 24 hour CCTV surveillance your own padlock and key
• fire extinguishers, as well as fire detection and alarm systems 
• Sprinkler system
• Secure fencing and private car park

Items which we have identified as hazardous and/or not suitable for self storage, and which we do not allow our customers to store in our secure storage facilities are:
• toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods
• firearms, munitions or explosives
• radioactive materials 
• hazardous goods
• living plants or animals
• food or perishable goods
• cash and securities 
• illegal goods 
• waste 

Security Cameras

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